Channel Letters

Channel Letters

LED Channel letters, illuminated with energy-efficient low voltage LED modules, can be flush-mounted or installed on a raceway. Designs are not restricted to just letters. They can include logos or other shapes to match your unique look. When multiples of front lit or back-lit (halo) letters are needed, they will be identical when produced by our CNC router.

Shaped letters or opaque design elements originally meant for viewing during the day, can be brought to life at night through channel illumination. Different special effects can be created with the right combination of reflective or translucent materials, halo lighting, skeleton neon tubing, or gooseneck mounts. The possibilities are endless.

Channel letters are individually illuminated letters and logos. Neon or LED lights are enclosed in aluminum letter shapes and are then covered by translucent colored acrylic faces. Channel letters can be custom-built to fit any size, shape and color to emphasize your company image. Mounting can vary from direct to wall/flush mount, via carrying box, or raceway/track.

Halo-Lit or Back Illuminated Channel letters

One of the most popular types of channel lettering in use today. These letters are mounted away from the wall, projecting the light around the blacked-out letters at night. During the day the letters will have the desired colour chosen by the customer. Back lit channel letters are also built using aluminum shells to create custom letters or shapes. These letters differ mainly in lighting orientation. A solid opaque face is used on the front of the letter, Neon or LED is placed inside and a clear acrylic back face is used to seal the letters. These letters are then typically mounted one inch off the wall allowing the light to escape from the rear of the letter, reflect off the wall and light the letter from behind. Halo-lit stainless steel channel letters are becoming the next big thing in high end retail signage.

Channel Letters – Non-Illuminated

Solid two or three-dimensional letters can be non-illuminated with natural surrounding light. They can become a focal point with external lighting such as gooseneck lamps or floodlights. Whether classic neon or modern LED construction, Channel Letter Signs are a bold and eye-catching way to advertise your business. These letters are mounted away from the wall, projecting the light around the blacked-out letters at night. During the day the letters will have the desired colour chosen by the customer.

Canned Channel Letters:

These all aluminum letters have invisible welded seams with 4” to 5” returns, with no illumination and are painted to the customer’s desired colour. Channel Letter Signs are one of the most popular and effective ways of advertising a business. Create high-visibility appeal by choosing custom lettering and lighting choices that incorporate your business logo and eye-catching designs.

Among the most popular signage choices, channel letter signs come in a number of styles to suit your taste and your budget.The effectiveness of Channel letter signs, can be observed at most strip malls at night. Our channel letter signs can be created to fit any budget and idea. Channel Letters make a bold and attractive statement about your business. They proudly advertise the name of your company with great visibility!

Variations in lighting include the economic and environmentally friendly LED (Light Emitting Diode), which can be incorporated into most interior, exterior, front or back-lit settings. LEDs can also be integrated with computer software programmed for dramatic colour changes, brighter or softer illumination and automated on/off settings. Some signage still lends itself to colourful neon or fluorescent lighting techniques. These are tried and true
industry standards and provide our clients with the variety and confidence that their brands are exhibited in a high quality, professional way.