Pylon Signs

Pylon signs allow you to extend above your competition and distinguish yourself among other businesses. A well-positioned, creatively designed pylon sign will not only identify your business, it will attract attention while creating a tasteful image for everyone passing by.

As many as 35% of the people passing your business have never seen it before and could become first time customers because of your sign. Pylon-based signs are ideal for buildings which have both a significant setback (the clearing separating a building from the road) and a high-traffic roadway adjacent to it. This combination makes for good visibility and a longer window for viewing, especially from long distances, and from oncoming traffic.

Molded faced signs can be internally or externally illuminated with neon, fluorescent or LED. Your images can also be applied to the molded face with paint, computer-cut vinyl or digitally printed images for a 3-D look for your fascia sign.


Illuminated sign boxes can be either single sided or double-sided fascia signs. Commonly made from translucent acrylic with vinyl graphics, fascia signs are then either mounted directly onto a wall or flat surface or onto an aluminum sign box. These aluminum sign boxes can then be illuminated by fluorescent lights or LED for desired lighting exposure and look. These signs are rust proof and very durable.

Arguably the most popular type of signage, the ever-present cabinet sign-a flat display system mounted on the same plane as a building’s façade-can offer myriad creative possibilities, even for clients working within a budget. Limited only by building codes and local city bylaws, fascia displays are some of the easiest to maintain while still drawing the attention your business establishment deserves

As with lighting, the signage industry has evolved quickly with application materials available today. Durable plastics provide vast options for moulding, bending, individual lettersets, colour variations, and graphic imprint capabilities. Robust and lightweight aluminium metals have been the industry standard for generations. This medium enhances our clients’ brand appearance with upscale polishing or brushed metal techniques. Rusty Neon Signs Ltd can assist with the design, manufacturing and installation of metal signs, wooden signs, engraved signs, outdoor signs and more.

Rusty Neon Signs Ltd is well-known for its custom approach to sign design and engineering. For one client we were required to remove one brand from an engraved stone display and then perform a re-application for the new brand presence. We approach each client’s specific program with a customised philosophy ensuring the best in durability, functionality and visual presence.